About me

Full time pastor, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend. Part-time patient. First major surgery was c-section of my 10lb 14.6 oz first born son in 2004 after laboring for 17 hours.  Second major surgery was scheduled c-section of my 8lb 10 oz second born son in 2009. The difference in the two experiences led to a realization that not all medical practices are created equal and not all hospitals are created equal. I also realized that doctors don’t have all the answers. And that perhaps because you live in your own body you may have a better sense of what is going on. I think my initial passion for good quality medical care came from the birth of my first son. 

 To this day I have very strong feelings of the doctor who allowed me to go two weeks past my due date and deliver an 11 lb baby. I told him the week before I did not want a 10 lb baby and he felt my stomach and said, “he’s 8lbs.” That did not seem real scientific to me as a former analytical chemist. Then the doctor allowed me to labor for 17 hours without checking to see my baby’s position (he was face up). I would not dialate. Only when the baby’s heart rate started to drop did they decide to rush a c-section. To this day I do not understand why:

  1. I was allowed to go 2 weeks over 
  2. Babies weight couldn’t have been estimated a little bit better
  3. They couldn’t have figured out he was face up
  4. Why they let me labor in excruciating back labor pain for 17 hour without wondering what might be causing that 

I am thankful my child was born safely but he had been in there a long time and his blood sugar was low when born. He could have swallowed meconium. Thankfully he did not. 

After one or two follow up visits for me, I never returned to the practice. This began my passion for quality healthcare. 


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