About this blog

After countless doctor visits, ER visits, imaging studies, minor procedures and multiple surgeries, some good, some bad and some down right evil I have decided to share bits and pieces of wisdom I have picked up along the way.

I am a life long learner and ask a lot of questions. I am some doctors’ favorite patient and others were probably relieved when we parted ways.

In my 40 years I have had 5 major surgeries and live with chronic pain a lot of the time because of the difficulty it is to find the right doctor for the different health challenges I have faced in a timely manner.

I work full time as a pastor and visit patients in hospitals all the time. I have found my congregants enjoy visits from me because they know I have been where they are. I can even answer some of their questions and if I happen to be present when a doctor or nurse is present I often understand what the doctor or nurse is saying. My husband is a pharmacist so that adds a little more knowledge. I worked one summer for a physical therapy firm doing medical billing. Maybe all of these events have led to this blog. I don’t know, but I do know I have a passion to help people get their medical questions answered and find the right and best possible medical care. I believe in healing and wholeness and pray that we all might find that.

This blog is written for patients primarily or for medical professionals who wonder what it is like to sit in the bed or lie on the table or wonder in confusion at what you just said. Maybe this blog will help bridge the gap between patient and medical professional. Or at least help patients be more proactive in their medical care.

In healing and wholeness,

Beth D.


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